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From Within

By Gigi Kilroe

From Within

My Path of Hope and Healing from Sexual Abuse

From Within is a riveting biographical work of one woman’s journey as a sexual abuse survivor, who transitioned from the physical and emotional pain and betrayal to a newly found passion to help others going through similar circumstances.

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Gigi Kilroe

Gigi Kilroe worked nine years as a
special education teacher and then 23 years as
a special education supervisor, before retiring.
Working with students with special needs was
her passion. Once a victim who has emerged a
strong survivor, her passion now is to share her
journey of healing, but more importantly a message
of hope, to survivors of all ages. No matter
what you have endured, you deserve to
heal and take your power back.

Gigi Kilroe

An honest book of trauma, pain, healing and hope will inspire you to change the world, just as Gigi is doing, one person at a time.

– Michele Minor Wolf, Executive Director, Victims’ Intervention Program

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